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New Event Studios > ASL Designs - I Love You, Friends, Interpreter

Let the world know that you have a goal. Be a friend, make a friend. Select a customized ASL product as a gift or for your own personal collection.

Click on an item to get more information on it (or if you want to buy it, of course).

I Love You - Hand
I Love You - Hand

Give the gift that says "I Love You!" to that special person in your life.
Jimmy and Jan
Jimmy and Jan

Jimmy and Jan love ASL. Give the gift that says "I Love You!" or "Friends" to that special person in your life.
Kit and Kevin
Kit and Kevin

Kit and Kevin love ASL. Give the gift that says "I Love You!" or "Friends" to that special person in your life.
Interpreter Hands
Interpreter Hands

Interpreters have their hands in everything! Get your hands on some of these special ASL gift items.
Mom and Baby
Mom and Baby

Moms and babies have a special "I Love You" language that also includes ASL! Give one of these very special "I Love You" gifts to your very special Mom or Mom-to-be.
God -
God - "I Love You!"

God loves you too! And He can say it in every language in the world - including ASL! Let someone know with one of these beautiful gift items.
Santa -
Santa - "I Love You"

And, then there's Santa. He's traveled the world and picked up a log of languages, including ASL! Say "Merry Christmas, I Love You" with one of these special ASL gift items.
ASL Toon
ASL Toon "I Love You" Characters

Spend the new year with your favorite "I Love You!" Character. Whether you're sippin' it, wearin' it, totin' it or countin' the days, you'll enjoy it more knowing you are loved.

A great Fingerspell reference chart for the classroom or your bedroom wall. Facilitates the learning of the ASL alphabet.

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