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How can I know if my students completed a homework assignment?


How can I get a copy of my students' quiz results?

For technical reasons beyond our control, we no longer have an email option available for quizzes. (May all spammers receive their just deserts...)

When a student completes a quiz, the last page they see is the Summary Page. Have the student print the page, displaying the results. Or try punching the Print Scrn button to  take a snap shot of the page, which can then be saved to the computer desktop.

I've never noticed that I can Edit the test times. Is this a new feature? This feature was implemented in 2006. You can now edit the dates and times your quiz is to be made available to your students. For example, you can set up your first use of  "Test A"  in October, close it in November, and reopen it  again in May.

From the Teacher Dashboard, just choose "Manage Existing Tests." Select one of your tests. Click "Edit selected test." Select the test time you want to edit. Click "Edit Test Time." Change the test time and then save your changes. (Please remember that all test times are based on Central Standard Time.)

Help! I set up a ten question test, but all of a sudden one of the words I selected has a different signer. What happened? From time to time, it is necessary for us to make site modifications. This might include replacing a sign with another model or deleting the sign altogether. We apologize for this inconvenience and would not do it if it were not essential to the web site presence.

The solution is pretty easy. From your Teacher dashboard, click Manage Existing Tests. Select the test with the modified or deleted word. Click "Edit Selected Content." Delete the word and add another to replace it.

We reserve the right to make site modifications at any time.

How can I preview a test that I have just created? After you have set up your test and saved your changes, log in to your account as a Student, using the right panel of the log in page. You'll see the test just as your student will see it.

How do I know what is being signed for my word choices in a test? All of the words for teacher tests are drawn from our Main Dictionary. While you are in the Teacher Dashboard, just open up a second browser and preview the word as it is listed in the Main Dictionary. You'll see the sign as it will appear in your test.

  What information do you need to assist me with a problem I am having with my Teacher site? We will be happy to assist you with any problems you might have with your Teacher site.

When sending us an email with your problem report, please be sure to include log in information for both the Teacher log in and the Student log in. Having this information on hand will save much time in helping you get your problem resolved.

Your log in information is also required for us to add a school logo to your site.


  I'm having trouble with the school quiz me site.  It did work one time but after that, when I signed in it first brings up the page that says I am logged in and asks "What do you what to do?" But when I press a choice the next page says I am not logged in. The same thing happens for the students. The School Interface pages require cookies to be turned on for both Teacher and Student use. 

Windows IE 6.x Browser: Select Tools. Select Internet Options. Select the Privacy tab. Under "Settings," move the slider down from "Block all Cookies" or  "High" to either "Medium High" or "Medium."


  My question is not listed here. Is there another place for FAQs at the site? Thanks for asking! Your question might very well be answered on our "General FAQ" page.

Click here.


Help! I don't know my log in information. When your account was created, an email was sent to the address supplied when you created the site. Perhaps there was a "typo" in the email address? Or, it could be that the email wound up in your spam box. Please check there. But, if you don't find it, send us an email from your correct email address and we'll help get you going.

I have assigned a quiz as homework for my students. Some of them cannot view the videos from the site from home, even though I have no problem from the school computers. Why is this? There are a couple of reasons this might be so. The problems and solutions are listed in our General FAQ page. Please have your students check there before sending us a Problem Report email.

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