Guided Tour - Adding New Tests to your "ASLPro QuizMe! For Schools" Account
Create a Test - In three easy steps
Step 1
Choose how many signs you would like to include in the problem set. For example, choosing a 10 sign problem set will allow you to choose 10 signs from our Main Dictionary. Each of the signs will constitute 1 question in a 10-question Test. The remaining signs in the problem set will be randomly selected to fill in the 3 distracters (wrong answers) for each question in the problem set.
Choose an appropriate name for your Content, and click Next Step. (Think of "Content" in terms of a sign category. Think of "Test" in terms of giving your students access to a particular Content at a particular time.)
Now, it's time to start selecting your Content signs. Just click on a letter, scroll down to the sign you want to include and click the word for the sign. It will be added to your problem set automatically.
Continue selecting signs until your problem set is filled. Click a letter-Click a word. If you make a mistake or change your mind about a sign, don't worry. Just highlight the word for the unwanted sign and press your keyboard's "Delete" key. Then select another sign to replace it. When you're finished, click "Next Step".
Create a Test - Step 3
Finally, decide on a Test Name and when you want the test to be available to your students.
Things to remember:
  • Creating a specific time frame for tests to be available is handy if you want to restrict student access to specific time periods for quizzing or testing for a grade, as opposed to practice quizzes.
  • All times must be expressed in Central Time, so keep in mind the differences in time zones when making these settings. (A time zone chart is available at the end of this page for your reference.)
  • Multiple Tests can be created for any Content set. For example, one Test over Content "Home Life" could be named, "Pre-Test for ASL 1", created with no time frame. Another, "In-Class Test for ASL 1" could be created with a specific test day in mind.
When finished, click "Complete Test Setup".
A recap of your selections will be displayed.
Time Zone Reference Chart
Click Create Account to view information on how to create an account, Manage your tests or Change Your Profile for more information about the individual features of the Teacher Dashboard, or What your Students see for more information about the Student interface.
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